NID Service Bangladesh FAQ

NID Service Bangladesh

The National Identity Card or NID card is a compulsory identity document issued to every Bangladeshi citizen upon turning 18 years of age. The NID is a government issued photo ID just like the Bangladeshi Driver’s license, which is also a biometric, microchip embedded, smart identity card.

In this post we have discussed about many things about NID service BD that people always asks. To know them the exact information this post might be helpful for them. Keep reading….

How to download national identity card?

Visit website to download National Identity Card. From register here option you can download your national identity card by doing face verification with voter registration slip number or national identity card number, date of birth, mobile number.

What to do if slip number of voter registration form is lost?

If your voter registration form slip is lost, you have to submit the application form for the lost card with the correct voter ID number to the nearest police station and submit it to the election office of your upazila.

I want to see my voter ID card, how to see?

If you have National Identity Card Number or Voter Registration Slip Number, you can view or download your National Identity Card.

I have lost the voter registration slip. Can the National ID card be taken without the slip?

If the slip is lost, the application form for the lost card should be submitted to the election office of your upazila with correct voter ID number by GD at the nearest police station. You can know your voter ID number from the upazila office.

How to make national identity card? How do I register online for a new voter ID card?

If you are over 16 years of age, you can apply online for a National Identity Card or Voter ID Card.

When will the new voter ID card 2019?

Those who registered as voters in 2019, have already been given smart cards. And those who have not yet received the Smart National Identity Card, they can download the online copy of the National Identity Card and use it.

How to make voter ID card?

If you are above 16 years of age, you can apply online for a new National Identity Card or Voter ID Card online.

How to recover lost national identity card?

If the national identity card is lost, first GD should be done at the nearest police station. After that upload the GD copy and apply for reissue online. After the application is approved, you can download the National Identity Card for printing online.

How to find a person’s name and address with a mobile number?

Due to security of personal information there is no scope for public to find out name address and information of someone’s national identity card just by mobile number.

One thing we should know is that for easy distribution of NID card online NID card download facility is provided. Many of us call it Voter ID. Actually it is not voter ID card, it is not useful for voting.

This is your National ID Card as a citizen of Bangladesh. So use it carefully without neglecting it. Be aware of national identity card errors and security of personal information.

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